Why my blog recipes does not show in Google search?

The Google Search Console is a free tool that helps you track the performance of your website on Google and in turn, helps you increase your blog traffic. 

In this article, I will explain how to create SEO-friendly blog posts and get your websites on the first page of Google. The use of the Google search console to grow blog traffic and search engine optimization tools is a big issue, but I will focus on performance in the Google search console area. 


With GSC, you can find out how often your site appears in Google search results and which pages on your site are most popular. You can find the searches that appear in the results of each page and the percentage of searchers who click on the blog after each search. It will tell you if Google has already searched the pages in your sitemap and if so, how often. 


Why my blog recipes does not show in Google search?

You should also check what your posts look like in Google search results and improve your title, meta description, etc. Including relevant keywords in the title of your blog posts helps Google to search your pages faster. It also helps Google understand which pages are much faster because if the relevant keyword actually appears, it will appear at the top of the results of that page. 


What you should do with your keywords is to use them in the title of your blog post, in the meta description, and in the meta description of all posts. Here are some examples of blog posts that are keywords-tagged, so you have the chance to do some research before you have to title and publish your post. 


Focus on optimizing your SEO so that with Yoast's SEO plugin you can easily drop to page 1 of the results and how to write the perfect blog post and use it to enlarge your blog with our help. Again, we will use the same approach we used in our previous post about how we wrote the "perfect" blog posts and used the Yoast SEO plugins to enlarge your blogs with your help, so focus on that.  


Either way, understanding the basics of SEO for your food blog will help you rank higher in Google search results and get more traffic to your blog posts and business websites on Google +. 

Next time you post a recipe, do some research, search for articles that rank the keywords you want to rank and see what makes the search result so helpful. I would like to help you find out how to get the free Google Search Console Tracker. 

Read on to find out how you can use Google's search console to increase blog traffic by 2020 and learn more about how we can get you more traffic from our blog post and your business site to Google and forget it. 


To make it easier for Google to browse your site, you can submit a sitemap to keep the site constantly updated to let Google know that you are posting new pages. If Google believes that your content is good enough to be included in Google's search results, it will be included in the search result. 

Why my blog recipes does not show in Google search?

If a website does not appear in Google search results or performs worse than it used to, check its search performance on Google. Some blogs are indexed, some blogs appear on Google, and some people have to submit them manually, but all blogs are indexed.  


A good way to get traffic to your blog is to submit blog posts on social bookmarking sites like Reddit and Pinterest. By linking to authority pages, your site appears more trustworthy in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Another way to use the Google Search Console to increase blog traffic is to improve your internal link structure. 


Create only content that is right for your BLOG, and Google will see that your site is active, so there is more content based on your rank. One small caveat must be added: you will be surprised that if you do not have a blog entry, it does not appear in Google search results. 

This is not true because it is not "right for my site," but only because you may not have it on the site for a few weeks or even months. 


Just go to Google and search for something, and let me know if you find one. Blogspot.com, which is above you, or simply search "blog posts" in search results. 


If someone who designed the page added the code, that would explain why it does not appear in the search results. When you see the results of your search, create a sitemap, and send it to the Google search console. 

Once you have created and submitted the sitemap, the code of the page will be indexed, but the reason why it does not appear in Google. Because for every website you rank, you have many more backlinks than that. 


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